White Oleander

Bodysuit by Misha Collection // Skirt by Helmut Lang // Belt by B-Low the Belt // Sunnies by Quay Australia // Shoes by Carmen Steffens

Believe it or not, there are actually days when I don’t wear a stitch of black on my body (nail polish hardly counts) and still feel alive. Often, when I’m wearing white - or one of its sisters: off-white, cream, blush, nude or ivory - I want it to be a head-to-toe look. So when I put this lace bodysuit on by Misha Collection, it was a snowball effect. Typically, all the pleats and lace would make me really uncomfortable the second I put it on, I wouldn’t feel like myself, but the fit of all of this with a little bit of bra peeking out plus the B-Low the Belt Bri Bri made for the perfect balance and was exactly enough for me to handle. 

That said, I love the monochromatic trend that is happening right now. All-black has always been a thing but an all-nude or all-grey look is so clean and chic (I hate that word...I don’t know why I just used it) and might push you to use pieces in your closet that you would usually pass up on their own. I recently found an old white tank covered in holes that I didn’t think I would ever wear but when I put it with acid wash jeans and a white bomber I had, the look was more polished and less sloppy (despite all the distress). Color-code your wardrobe, you won’t be sorry.