Sara Happ’s Secret to Your Perfect Pout

If you haven’t already, you’re about to meet your pout’s match in my girl Sara Happ. This beauty has created a line of products that will not only add the perfect hue and volume to your lips but are specifically designed to exfoliate and hydrate them in such a way that will have you wondering how you’ve survived all these years on nothing but that overpriced, sticky lip gloss. Born and raised in Chicago, Sara is more than accustomed to those frigid winters that are harsh on skin at best. “I appreciate the intensity and annoyingness of chapped lips” she said of growing up in the chill and has retaliated in scents of peach, peppermint and grapefruit.

I first met Sara a little over a year ago and immediately fell in love with her energy and products. As someone who has always insisted on going to sleep with some sort of "hydration" on my lips, her Lip Slip has actually changed my life; and while we are on the topic of life changing events, I should mention that it happened again when I first used The Lip Scrub (her O.G. product that is consistently offered in new flava-flaves) and The Crayons (a more recent must-have). The scrub/slip sets are the perfect gift for that person who is impossible to buy for (ask my friends) and fact: if I get a compliment on what my lips have going on, 100% of the time I am wearing a Sara Happ product. Please Pucker Gods may I never run out on a windy day.

I checked in with this beauty guru to find out all the deets on my (and soon to be your) go-to products. She spilled the beans on the best ways to care for you lips, common mistakes that go along with that and of course, the latest happenings on her ever-evolving menu of blessings - hint: one involves cupcakes. Pulling at your heart’s strings yet?

What made you decide to break into the pucker industry?

Necessity, combined with being a beauty junkie. No lip scrub existed in 2005, so I went to my kitchen and made it myself. I was like, “HOW can this not be a thing?!” So I made it a thing, believing there were countless girls out there like me who hated dry lips. 

What is the proper way to exfoliate with the Lip Scrub?

All you need is your finger and a tissue. Scoop The Lip Scrub using your middle finger. It’s your strongest. Smear it on your lips, then make little circles all around to massage those yummy oils in while sweeping away the dead skin. Wipe it away going toward your mouth. Feel free to lick! Seriously. It’s just sugar. Done.

You’ve always got great new flavors, how do you decide what’s next?

It’s whatever I’m in love with at the time, as long as it doesn't yet exist in the beauty space. And asking our customers what YOU want, because we aim to please. 

The Lip Slip has actually changed my lips. What is in the gloss that provides that next-level hydration?

Yay!!! It’s our secret juice, which I’m so incredibly proud of. We took out the dehydrating ingredients you find in your usual lip glosses, and replaced them with some killer oils and polymer blends that TRULY hydrate and heal. 

What is the most common mistake women make when caring for their lips?

Women use dehydrating products, which is an easy trap, because most are made to dry you out. Most lip products are like drinking Coke: you feel hydrated for a moment, and minutes later you’re thirsty, because you just ingested sodium. Same with lip products. There are waxes, alcohols and pigments that dehydrate quickly, which is why you feel addicted to it. Because you are. The more you use, the more you need. 


I wear The Pink Slip at work, everyday. It’s the perfect pink, and goes with any look: from yoga pants to dresses and heels. 

Other than that, What is your go-to Sara Happ product?

Sparkling Peach Lip Scrub every morning. The Lip Slip every night. Without fail. 

What non-SH beauty product are you digging?

Oh boy. That’s a tough one. Bobbi Brown foundation stick. A miracle worker. 

What is your favorite beauty look on the red carpet?

I’m a sucker  for anything that looks like The Lip Slip come to life; so sparkly blushes and nudes. 

Who is your beauty style crush?

Jennifer Aniston. She’s got such a sense of who she is, style-wise. Some might call it boring. I call it timeless. 

Guilty Pleasure?

Reading People Magazine while eating a cupcake in a bubble bath, wearing a mud mask. Heaven. 

What book is currently on your nightstand?

GRIT. By Angela Duckworth. It is awesome.

What song gets you going in the AM?

Hamilton! Not throwing away my shot. 

And of course I have to ask, what’s next on your New Releases menu?

I’ll tell you next time I see you, Cat! We’re big on surprises around here at SH. Maybe 20 people knew we were working with Sprinkles to create Red Velvet Cupcake Lip Scrub. We’re a vault. 

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