Put on the Red Light


Suit by Virgos Lounge // Bra Top by For Love & Lemons Skivvies

Despite my career choice, I personally dress on the simpler side of the spectrum (if you consider vintage band tees, ripped-up jeans and a staple leather jacket simple...which I do). However, since having a major lifestyle change, I’ve been playing around more with textures, silhouettes and yes, dare I say it... color. I’ve also loved watching the wide-leg style hit mainstream again and am obsessing over the fact that it is in every showroom I go to now.

Which leads to one of my favorite looks of the moment: an oversized, high-waist pant with an itty-bitty top (Dua Lipa is killing that right now) and because this Virgos Lounge bottom came with a matching jacket, I decided to throw it on too. Most of us spend the better part of the year in much more comfortable colors but the holidays are a perfect time to overdose on the red and green. When you buy a colorful suit, you’ve automatically welcomed three new looks into your wardrobe (I wore these pants without the jacket to a holiday party this past weekend) and when you add a little drama to the leg, that old boring suit can turn into a really fun look.

Because this suit has so much going on, any top I pair with it becomes merely an accent to the outfit and that is when I like to mix in something borderline inappropriate like a sheer metallic or a bra because you can work it in without looking like a hussy. However, it’s always important to remember -when your outfit is less appropriate for church than it sounds on paper- that yes, an oversized pant is appropriate for any occasion; and oversized pant paired with a lace bra and bright jacket? Well, it’s casual Friday at least once a week.


I always did love a red suit and bra combo. Peep this House of CB set worn by my client, Zuri Hall, earlier this year at NYFW.


images by Allen Zaki // websitewww.allenzaki.com