Leisure Labels

Top by Jonathan Simkhai // Pants by Thakoon // Shoes by Carmen Steffens // Hat by Gents // Backpack by Free People // Necklace by Jacquie Aiche

I have been MIA on here lately and that’s about to change. Between a hectic but fulfilling awards season (post to come), traveling to see my Kentucky Wildcats play ball and trying to get in some QT with my fambam who I don’t see nearly enough, I haven’t been home - even near a computer - long enough to gather a complete thought. But here I am! *golf claps* Because work has been a hustle, I’ve found myself reaching for athleisure wear on a daily basis. In fact, I got a compliment from someone who works in our building earlier this week, turns out he really loves all my workout outfits. Very sweet but also a wakeup call that it is time to start getting dressed in the mornings again. Putting on actual clothing is a great mindful intention to set but after a while the athlete vibe rubs off on you, which brings me to today’s post: an upgrade to the everyday athleisure look.

Like many, I’ve gotten good at adding a leather jacket and flannel to a Pilates-ready outfit to save a few steps after work. It’s certainly not a new lifestyle trend and designers have obviously noticed that most people today lead an active, busy life and thus, are mixing and matching workout clothes to their everyday wardrobe. But those HIIT silhouettes aren’t just at Six02 and Lululemon anymore; now, we are seeing fancier versions of our favorite sweats, sports bras and windbreakers mixed into racks already filled with RTW pieces. Case and point...my Thakoon drawstring pant and Jonathan Simkhai knit crop that were certainly not made for a sweat sesh. While I’ve been shopping the men’s section at Nike for these styles in the past, its always nice to find a version of our favorite loungewear that is Saturday night approved. While there are other ways of doing it, my favorite way to dress sweatpants up without a leather jacket is with a girly pair of heels and a few accessories. But before you leave the house remember, these aren’t made from our trusty wicking fabrics...you better pack a change of clothes just in case an afternoon workout calls.

PS. A little flashback to a shoot I did a couple of summer’s ago for Bello... I guess sweatpants have had their place in my heart longer than I thought. ;)