Just Can’t Quit You


Top by Rehab from Inland Venice // Jeans by Asos // Shoes by Zara // Belt by Topshop // Sunnies by Raen // Rings by Misa Jewelry

I just can’t quit YOU, crop tops. YOU, high-waist jeans. Or YOU overpriced, double, vanilla latte. You are my lifers. The only thing I’ve mastered the art of walking away from in this post are these gray Zara pointed pumps because, no matter how much I like the way they look, I’m convinced they will never EVER, not hurt my feet again. But occasionally I’ll do it for the ‘gram...and always for the outfit.

Lately, I find myself looking for new, fitted, white tops on the reg and I can only assume that’s because, without fail, I will do something on the first or second wear that is irreversible...and it usually has something to do with that marked-up coffee. Luckily, my girl Kristin at Inland Venice is always pulling through some gems (like this AFFORDABLE top by Rehab) that save the day and keep me out of the old white tees. Because it’s a super tight crop, I can only wear the highest waist I own which isn’t hard to find in my closet of Mom Jeans. I I love an extra long sleeve and the slightly belled ends give even the shortest top that cozy feeling a good knit deserves. It feels like a summer night in LA.


images by Allen Zaki // websitewww.allenzaki.com