No Pants are the Best Pants


Blazer by Acler from Inland Venice // Shoes by Steve Madden

I don’t wear pants a lot….at home, but for me to walk outside in the cold light of the sun pantsless means I really like what’s happening on top-so much that anything below the belt would distract from it. Currently I’m wearing a pair of Free People high-waist undies BUT for those days when I feel like wearing this blazer to work, I will switch them out for jeans or leggings and a black or white bodysuit. What I love so much about this Acler Beasley Blazer is that it has two components to it - a cropped blazer and a….whatever that is below. My torso is long AF so most people won’t have as much separation between the two pieces as I do…and for those who want to keep it casual, I would suggest a white blouse. But if you’re like me and carry your length in your body rather than your legs (but don’t want to show so much skin skin) I’d suggest a low key bodysuit from Naked Wardrobe or Commando. If you’re feeling it, skip the pants…if it’s not that kind of a party-a legging will do :) xo


images by Allen Zaki //