A Little More Leather

Top: Cameo // Skirt: UNIF (similar) // Jacket: Leila Shams // Shoes: Céline // Bracelet: Kitsch // Branch Ring: Misa Jewelry

When I saw this skirt hanging at Urban Outfitters I knew I had to have it, but when I went back a few weeks later and it was on sale…a montage of our life together flashed through my head. Sure, it’s super tight and super sheer and not super practical but neither have been any of my relationships, so it’s all about thinking outside the box. Because it is higher in the waist, my favorite crop top situations work perfectly (and it’s more than fitted so you can also tone it down a notch with an oversized, off-the-shoulder sweater). This Cameo top is on the tighter side and the back is strappy so I wasn’t about to walk down the street with my wholesome neighbors in broad daylight without some extra coverage-while that’s normal for some people, it’s just not my jam-so I added my favorite leather jacket by Leila Shams. The light cover-up is soft and all the zippers give the illusion of fringe which my beach lovin’ butt loves. Plus, with all the brown, grey and black leather jackets in my closet, this color really breaks up the monotony. And um, the Céline shoes? Proof that not all impulse purchases end in buyer’s remorse.

images by Allen Zaki