A Place of Yes


Before I started my career, I was always one to make rather rash, life-altering decisions (I turned in my law school Leave of Absence papers, moved to LA and started fashion school in practically a month) but lately I’ve found myself thinking about things far too long and talking myself out of the journey. After work sweat sesh? Okay. New designer shoes? I definitely earned those. But a three day trip to Austin, TX…um, let me think about it (le no). Part of the reason is that I hate planning, another part is that committing to plans kinda freaks me out, but the biggest reason I am a much better weekend traveler is that I love my job--like what I did there? For the first four years I was in LA, my work was completely freelance and the thought of booking a flight and missing out on a great gig gave me extra anxiety. In turn, I found myself rainchecking those camping trips to Joshua Tree (maybe a blessing to all parties involved), family vacations and the saddest of all…a trip to Europe with one of my closest high school girlfriends who is now fully settled in Norway with a fam. While I have been perfectly content in my LA/Palm Springs/Vegas bubble, I missed the feeling of saying “Yes” and actually meaning it.

This month, I finally had the time I needed to commit to the vacation I hadn’t taken in three years. The first stop was Cabo with my Gubby (and the photographer behind the outfit posts on this blog) and his family. For seven days, we danced on tables, posed with teddy bears and ate enough tacos to put someone in the hospital, all while sweating through our sunburns. The idea of going to dinner with saltwater infused hair and no make-up is something I could get used to. On one of our last nights there, my mom texted me to let me know that our family was all meeting up in Florida the following week and, given my newfound place of “yes” (and the fact that the trip fell perfectly between one project and the date I was due back at E!) I signed up for some more R&R. Four days and one job later, I was drinking coffee with my mother and grandma on the other side of the country.

I’m not saying that my new way of thinking will have me taking lavish trips around the world on a whim-but I’m going to spend less time with my nose in my schedule and edit my use of the word “Maybe," perhaps. Next on life's agenda? Lollapalooza, the Emmy’s, New York Fashion Week and summer camp (yes summer camp). “Yes” is going to have me very busy. Who wants to play?


“We didn’t realize we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun."