Basic Beezies


ba⋅sic [bā-sik] -adjective Any action committed for the sake of looking “cool” or because someone else has already done it; including but not limited to: fad diets and workouts, pointless drama, wearing your jacket some type of way and kale salad. Lacking creativity. Synonyms: Boring, Vanilla “Let’s go to dinner at Geisha House Saturday night.”…”Seriously? That’s so basic."

Over the last couple of months I have found myself using this adjective on the reg and to be honest, I’ve found it very affective. Turns out, nobody who is basic actually wants to be. I first heard the term “Basic Bitches” several years ago when Kreayshawn came blasting over the speakers at my favorite bar in Venice Beach (well, it used to be my favorite bar…due to saturation it has also become pretty basic). I think the older we get the more basic things are around us and the easier they are to spot. You’re ordering a veggie burger for lunch? That’s so basic. Coach bags? Basic. And don’t even get me started on Hollywood “hot-spots.” Buh-asic (but, I mean, sometimes we all do basic things on accident). The term “basic” is not meant to be a complete dig, some people take pride in the fact that they are doing something they read about in US Weekly and there is nothing wrong with that if it’s your jam. Go ‘head girl, do you. It is, personally, my greatest fear and I once put a serious boyfriend in time-out for calling me 2006’s version of “basic” #DontCrossMe. On that note, I’m going to lay off the word for a few hours before it also becomes basic.


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