Best of the SAG Awards

Another awards show has come and gone and if you blinked, you might have missed this year’s SAG Awards…Saturday night can’t be good for ratings. Luckily for the red carpet stompers, an awards show is an awards show is an awards show and though SAG is sometimes a tad bit more casual (I mean, Julia Roberts was in a jumpsuit) most of the award contenders still like to bring their A-Game. Here we have The Best Of the Red Carpet and though the gubby told me to keep things positive so that “everyone’s a winner,” I reminded him that this is Hollywood, not kindergarten...and if you think everyone’s a winner, talk to Oprah about her Oscar snub.

Best Dressed

Lupita Nyong’o in Gucci: It’s amazing the difference two weeks has made for Lupita's fashion rep. She is now not only on-the-map, she is basically in the middle of the street directing traffic (huge get for her stylist too). I absolutely love the floral neckline and with her short hair, it really gets to have its moment without being too much. Then of course, she is head-to-toe in my favorite color which really pops against her gorg skin and with such intricate details in the dress, she did right by keep jewelry minimal.

Best Dressed Dude

Bradley Cooper in Gucci: I’m not just saying this because I like to think I’m usually right, but Mr. BC was look fine once again on the carpet, this time in a black Gucci tux and white shirt. While the look is classic, I am super obsessed with the black buttons against the crisp white shirt--NOTED. That’s hot.

Best Improvement

Sandra Bullock in Lanvin: Oh Sandy, I’m glad you’re back. While I didn’t hate your Globes look there were some cynics out there who had no love and I’m glad you came to shut them up this week. The emerald hue of this dress is beyond and I am a sucker for a slit that makes the networks nervous. Welcome back to Best Dressed list, where you belong.

Best Hair

Jared Leto in Dior: Seriously, he is giving the new Beverly Hills housewife a run for her money in the locks department. Who colors his hair? What shampoo and conditioner do we think he is using? I bet he doesn’t even brush it daily and it looks that good. Or has he mastered the hour-long-beauty-routine-that-makes-it-look-like-I-just-rolled-out-of-bed look? It’s a mystery, but I bet at least 21 women take this picture to the salon this week and ask for the Jared Leto.

Best Sparkle

Sofia Vergara in Donna Karan: Hello Jessica Rabbit. I’m going to admit, I am usually not a huge fan of everything she does on the carpet but I really love this look. Though there is a lot of sparkle happening, it seems like a more toned down version of the actress. The shimmer on this fitted, strapless DK really reflected on camera and in photos which is, as we know, the only thing that matters during awards season.

Best Effort

Kerry Washington in Prada: I’ve got to give it to Kerry Washington for trying something new with her pregnancy bump, when I saw her step out of the car in a cropped top I was like a little kid waiting for Santa, I couldn’t wait to see the whole look. With that said, I don’t think it worked for her. The black, heavy fabric is just too overpowering while the top (which I actually love) is, not-suprisingly, ill-fitting. The look has potential but unfortunately it fell a little short. She took a risk though, and gets an A for Effort.

Best of the Worst

Juliette Lewis in Valentino: And when I say “Best of the Worst,” I mean the worst. What is happening here? I know what is happening, designer leftovers. That’s all.

Check out the gallery for more of the night’s most notable looks and let the countdown to the Grammys (my favorite awards show) begin!