Blockin’ Colors


Blazer: Naven // Skirt: Naven // Top: American Apparel // Shoes: Christian Louboutin (last seen here) // Earrings: Vanessa Mooney // Necklace: Alexis Russell

What is it about a blazer and skirt combo that automatically raises the maturity factor? Seriously, I threw on this Naven outfit and despite the neon-ness of it all, I became the gal that reminds you to buckle your seatbelt, heads to Barnes & Nobel to pick up a read in lieu of a Brandy Melville tee that says “You Can’t Sit With Us" and calls ahead to make reservations (ok that isn’t allcompletely accurate but I definitely felt the weight of a check ready to be written because adults write checks). I’m not gonna to lie, when I bought these two pieces in all of their chartreuse glory, I had no intentions of wearing them together, but when I got home, tried them on and realized I had found the new power suit, I couldn’t resist myself.

Because the sharp lines and contrast of the colors in the skirt, I wanted to keep the look’s accents bold, so I steered away from my usual prints and opted instead for a solid black tank to compliment the non-color in the bottom of the skirt and bring out the periwinkle in the top. I loved the statement of this Vanessa Mooneyearring and, coming from the girl that is almost always in her tried-and-true turquoise bits, I was excited to add a little gold to my life…so I did what I rarely do and tucked my barely brushed hair behind my ear. One statement piece is usually enough so I kept the rest of the accessories minimal. Yes, as we grow up we listen to Coco. And what’s a girl who has it all figured out without a Starbucks? For a second, over a triple grande skinny vanilla latte, I feel like I’ve got it figured out.

images by Allen Zaki