Boots With the Fur


Diesel FAUX fur coat // Khan Tee // Steve Madden boots // Jane Basch “Cat” Necklace // Tiffany Kunz Necklaces // House of Bourgeois Rings

One of my favorite things about living in LA is the weather-shocking right? No, not that it’s beautiful every single day (it is) or that there is no humidity to mess up your hair’s agenda (there isn’t) but that from day-to-day, no matter what time of year it is, you could be sweating in cut-offs and a tank or freezing in the heaviest jacket you have in your closet…and it’s 65 degrees out. We complain because we have been conditioned to be brats.

I am kind of obsessed with the 70’s look of an oversized fur (faux please) and a short dress. This one by Khan is actually a men’s sweater tee that I like to borrow from a client on occasion. It is almost too short to wear solo but with the right coat or a pair of leather leggings it can hang as the perfect little dress. I added over-the-knee boots because I tend to be a Go Big or Go Home dresser (it’s true, there are often days when it’s either sequins or work-out clothes….no options in-between). After I threw on all black I stacked the accessories, totally ignoring a gold or silver finish. Coated up and it’s perfect for a cold Spring day in LA.

Images by Allen Zaki
Hair & Make-up by Emily Hache