Forever Sweater Weather

Sweater: UNIF // Leather Legging: Tommy Hilfiger // Shoes: Steve Madden // Earrings: Jewelmint (throwback) // Bra: Cosabella // Clutch: Khirma Eliazov

The beginning of spring is wildly bittersweet because, while the child in me cannot wait to bury myself in the sand, there is also a part of me that will miss the days of cozy oversized sweaters and leg warmers by the space heater. I do understand some people probably think the sick, privileged brats who live in LA don’t appreciate how lucky we are that one layer is all we need to feel right on a cold day…I am here to tell you, we do.

I have a habit of buying knits a couple sizes too big, I guess it’s the Mary-Kate effect, and while I’m fully comfortable drowning in a sea of fabric, I always make sure to keep the bottom half of the outfit fitted. With this distressed UNIF sweater I went for an uber tight pair of leather leggings by Tommy Hilfiger that I snatched up for the designer’s show at NYFW. While I know some parts of the world aren’t #blessed enough to be able to wear heavy layers with “open-toe” heels-I almost always choose them when I’m overly covered up…despite the conditions outside. I think a little skin on the foot adds inches to the length of your legs. (And Fact: if the weather does not approve of my outfit ie. rain, I simply do not go outside). As for that peek of Cosabella? There’s a difference between homeless chic and bag lady…and sometimes a little more skin is just right.

images by Alex Dean