Let’s Stay Strangers

1. UNIF Stay Strangers Sleeveless Tee2. Topshop Mix Match Print Check Shirt 3. Brandy Melville Turquoise Ring 4. Neff Mellow Beanie 5. Cosabella Trenta Underwire Bra 6. Diesel Double Down 46 7. Sam Edelman Keegan Fringe Bootie 8. Stance Homestead Socks 9. One Teaspoon Cash Bandits

Welcome to What I Wanna Wear Wednesdays. How many times has someone asked you to describe your personal style when the only correct response is “Depends on the day/mood/side of the bed I woke up on”? I, for one, can go from scrappy t-shirt and sneakers to classy dress and heels in 30 seconds. Sometimes we run across anything from a skirt to a lace bra that can fully inspire the day’s entire look, “Good thing I didn’t waste time washing my hair last night because the need to wear this fedora is real.” So this is dedicated to that one piece of fashion that completely changes your ensemble. It doesn’t matter that you were dressed like a lady yesterday, you just saw a tank top that said “TWERK” and you have to put the appropriate look together today.

Today’s matter at hand: “Let’s stay strangers.” I’m sure there is a deep list of exes you wish you would have said that to. I am having a major UNIF moment right now, everything about the brand is just way too clever for me to handle. I want to rock this tee shirt all over LA. I love a good cut-off tee because it’s so versatile; you can layer it with a fun jacket or plaid (smells like Nirvana) or tie the shirt around your waist to reveal a sexy lace bralette. You can’t go wrong with a pair of skinny jeans and converse but I like to balance out the look and add some grunge with a beanie and cut-offs. I love socks as an accessory rather than a necessity, so a little Stance peeking out of a cute bootie is always okay. While I would keep the look dark, a black tee as a foundation leaves you with miles of room to work with, any color-combo-or lack thereof-will work. If you’re having an emo kind of day: add a pop of color in the details, throw on some eyeliner and work that bed-head mane.

Let’s stay strangers-because it’s not me, it’s you.