Lovelace in Sin City


Dress: Brian Lichtenberg (via The Stylist LA) // Earrings: Jewelmint // Shoes: Steve Madden

The chance that you will ever find me in a super short, extra tight dress is very low but occasionally the event calls for it. Awards season is over and mama is going to Vegas to celebrate! My girlfriends and I used to visit Sin City on the reg before we had quite so many responsibilities and our bank accounts were empty, how does that even work? Gotta love your early 20’s. Now, the trips have dwindled to a bi-annual occurrence when we can all find one single weekend that works for everyone’s ink-filled calendar. A Vegas vacation is the only one of the few times I will put my SoCal uniform on the back burner in favor of a frock that requires approximately 2 1/2 glasses of champagne for this ratty band-tee lover to feel comfortable in (this math has been tested).

I am a major fan of Brian Lichtenberg’s street style looks and because I rarely have a reason to make an appearance in a dress with his signature shoulders of course I’m taking it. Sorry, but Bebe in Vegas just isn’t going to cut it anymore. I am kind of obsessed over all things backless because I spend a lot of time at Pop Physique with 2 lb weights (so heavy) and rather than being full-on scoop back, the designer connected the shoulders making this the perfect Kendrick Lamar-dancing dress…we now have one less wardrobe malfunction to concern ourselves with. My favorite part of this mini is that, despite it’s lack of lengthy fabric, it doesn’t require a lot of accessorizing which is key for traveling; a statement earring, oversized ring and your most comfortable six inch heels are really all you need to complete the look. Vegas, we’re coming for you.

images by Allen Zaki