Mouthing Off


Top: Parker // Shorts: AQUA // Shoes: Christian Louboutin

Another day, another crop top and I’ve got to be straight with you…I am in love with this black and white Parker number but it has not been the easiest to work into my Saturday night Instagram photos. First things first, the fit is perfection and the reason I fell hard. My favorite silhouette is a long sleeve, uber fitted, midriff baring top and though it is 15 million degrees in Los Angeles right now, this top couldn’t be better for a night out or day inside a cold studio. Now the hard part, because of the white contrasting lines (which actually add a fun dimension to the look) it is a little more difficult to find the right bottom. So what do I always do when my closet is empty of the right match? I find the perfect clash. Something with a high-waist and a black undertone to pull the look together.

While I could have added some more color in the heel, I wanted to balance out the black so that the look wasn’t too top heavy (the math equations I randomly work into fashion are unavoidable…I am literally sick in the head and I blame a bad grade in 10th grade Geometry). This top would also look cute with a lower printed pant if you’re feeling last night’s Pilates class. #WerkBitch. But pick between loads of midriff or leg, let's try to keep it somewhat classy around here.

images by Allen Zaki