Neon Naven


Dress: Naven // Shoes: Steve Madden // Cuff: CC Skye

I love Naven because you can literally recognize the line on a stranger from almost a mile away, the McClay twins have never strayed from the bright colors that put them on the map. It is not lost on most people that I also adore a good ab-baring ensemble, so when I found this neon dress at a Simply Stylist event that did it in a tasteful way, I went against my better judgment and bought it without first trying it on. Success.

A dress like this has enough detail that a few gold accessories are really all you need. I went with a nude heel even though a black heel or handbag might seem like the obvious choice because of how the non-color pops against neon. I am always hesitant to go in the direction of that color combo (Halloween anyone?). My hesitation is not to say it can’t be done, nor that I don’t occasionally do it (especially at work, where orange hues are my favorites on Mrs. Guerrero) but if you choose to go that way, be thoughtful about it; make sure that there is something else going on in the outfit-maybe a third color or prominent accessory that is not stark black-to balance out the obvious combination. We don’t dress in theme here but we can always make it work.

images by Allen Zaki