NYFW: Clutches & Coats

Dress: Mason by Michelle Mason // Coat: Kill City // Shoes: Alexandre Birman // Clutch: Khirma Eliazov (similar)

Last week, in a series of good-decision making, I booked an impromptu trip to New York  for Fashion Week. Having lived in LA for six years now I had but one coat to my name and no shoes that could comfortably withstand temperatures under 50 degrees much less salted sidewalks and, excuse me sir…but what is that white stuff falling from the sky? Luckily, stores are eagerly planning their multiple spring arrivals so there are too many sales to keep up with and I know a few places with winter wear to spare.

I bought this white, strapless dress on my NYFW shopping spree at South Coast Plaza immediately after booking my flight (that statement was so Laguna Beach circa 2004, I can’t even handle it). I’ve always been bad at following rules so it only makes sense that winter white is, and has always been, one of my favorite recurring trends. Because I knew I was going to have a coat on out on the plaza, I wasn’t too concerned with the strapless aspect of the Mason by Michelle Mason asymmetrical mini and cured the bare legs with what is proving to be my NYC saving grace: black tights.

It probably comes as no surprise that matchy-matchy isn’t really my jam, but with that said, if I have a rad Kill City trench coat and the suede booties I want to wear happen to be the same color and that happens to be my favorite cold-weather hue, I’m okay with looking a little put together. I am actually 50 shades of obsessed with this coat, like I never want to take it off. I’m super confused with the feeling I’ve been having every time I throw a long jacket over my shoulders and am actually considering moving here just so I have an excuse to dress like this on the daily (if any of my supervisors are reading this, that’s not true I love my job and I will never leave LA).

Of course, the reason I’m here is to see and meet the fashion not to play dress up and though the shows and all the events surrounding them are fun, what I’ve enjoyed the most since arriving on that beautiful red-eye flight has, in fact, been dressing for the occasion. I never thought I was a cold-weather gal but something about wool, booties and beanies has me feeling oddly at home. Or perhaps I’m just in a frosted delirium...