Perks of Being a Tom Boy


Top by Zara // Jeans by One Teaspoon // Shoes by Celine // Hat by Biltmore // Necklace by Topshop

There was a time long ago (like last summer) when I didn’t dare wear my lone pair of boyfriend jeans in public. Yes, they were the most comfortable pair I owned and at one point had a rad pair of built-in suspenders…but they scared me…until I grew up and embraced the baggy. Having a slight insecurity that my curves wouldn’t take to an unfitted pant, it faded when I found this pair of One Teaspoon at Nasty Gal and my courage to step outside of my comfort zone was reborn. I love that these are baggy yet still a bit fitted around the dunka so there’s no sag. The trick to wearing a boyfriend jean if you do have curves without looking too frumpy is to pair it with either a fitted top/blazer or something that shows a little skin - I am aware that the outfit I’m wearing shows a lot of skin but sometimes I have trouble with the phrase “too much” (an issue I’m sure I can work out with my therapist). A baggier bottom needs a tighter top so that the lady lumps aren't completely hidden under a bunch of fabric and it doesn’t look like you’re shopping in the Big and Tall department. Something to avoid with a boyfriend style pant is a flat shoe because they will inevitably stunt your growth…like you will literally shrink; even if the heel is small or booted, your legs just need a lift to balance out the masculinity of what is happening.

Luckily, there are a lot of great boyfriend jeans out there right now. Some of my favorites are by Lovers + Friends, AG (the EX boyfriend) and le duh, One Teaspoon. What androgynous look are you obsessed with for winter?

Images by Allen Zaki // instagram: @allenzaki // twitter: @allenzaki