Pop, Lock and Drop It


Top: Vimmia // Pants: Vimmia (similar) // Sports Bra: Without Walls

I talk a decent amount about fitness on this blog (and even more in real life) and I can admit that nothing gives me quite the rush as booking my class schedule each week but truth be told, I haven’t always loved to sweat. I am not wired for gyms, long runs around the neighborhood or 30 Day Squat Challenges; in high school, I kept in shape by playing on the tennis team but when I got to college and my only option was to work out at the gym in the Student Activities Center, I almost always chose to stay home and prepare for the night’s SAE rager - unless of course I knew the brooding hottie who was always doing bicep curls would be there. It wasn’t until I took my first Pop Physique class three years ago that I actually enjoyed working out.

I won’t go into the workout too much because I’ve covered it before but it has the perfect combination of burning, hip-circles and good music to keep almost anyone entertained (all of my girlfriends take the classes too). If you couple it with some of that dreaded cardio, Pop really is the perfect workout for those looking to get toned without adding bulk. For a pop class, I almost always wear capris or workout pants with some sort of breathable muscle tee because, while I’m there to sweat, I get claustrophobic if there is too much shitola touching me (#stillsingle). I love this look by Vimmia because although the pants are simple and black, they have a little lace detail in the back to set them apart and they go with everything. The low-cut, racerback shirt comes in solid black as well and keeps me from getting clammy during those thigh exercises. And just to be clear, I only wear lipstick to the gym if it’s a stain and I’ve just come from work - so let’s reign in that judgement ;)

**Buy a 10 pack of Pop Physique classes for only $89 through Gilt. For the Angelenos out there, my favorite studios are Santa Monica and Brentwood - I take Ali’s class when I need that extra burn.

Images by Allen Zaki // instagram: @allenzaki // twitter: @allenzaki