Puss in Boots

Shirt: Topshop // Flannel: Jac Vanek // Shorts: Amuse Society // Boots: Peace Love Shea x Steve Madden

If I didn’t have to look somewhat professional during the week, it is very likely that I would wear distressed cut-offs and thigh high boots on the reg. There’s something about that look that makes it perfectly acceptable to do basically anything you want. While I typically forgo a fitted top and reach for my favorite Cosabella-exposing band tee, this time I decided to wiggle into a slightly cropped Topshop number and layer it with my massively oversized (and new favorite article of clothing) Jac Vanek flannel.

First things first, I am so happy that brands are starting to lengthen their crop tops for fall. I love a little under-boob as much as the next girl but sometimes it’s nice to leave a little to the imagination (especially around the producers); also, there are occasions when I’m really not into wearing a high-waist anything. Just not about that life some days. The longer style is perfect for a hip hugging skirt or skinny jean but still offers a little edge. Next, Jac Vanek…you are my latest girl crush. I am literally living in this flannel and after a week of Mercury Retrograde, fully intend on adding the “I Hate Everyone” army jacket to the repertoire. Playing dress up is fun because all it takes is one great piece to pull the whole look together, were it not for a massive amount of plaid this look would be way too Pretty Woman, yet one lived in, slept in, worked out in button-up works it all out. I’m not taking it off…aside from the suede, I actually did wake up like this.

BeeTeeDubs: Puss in Boots is a cartoon feline from Shrek who looks best dressed in knee high boots with a sword around his waist…get your minds out of the gutter.

images by Allen Zaki