Rose Colored Glasses

CatWright_Haii Cat_2104

Top by Monki // Shorts by Whitney Eve // Shoes by Steve Madden // Sunglasses by Quay Australia

So as most of you know, I am a stylist by day and pop star by night (but only on Snapchat) so I am lucky enough to have a job that allows me to be quite liberal in the way I dress - Crop top? No big, deal. Ripped cut-offs? Whatever. But on the flip side of the blessings that come with every day being casual Friday, comes the job description. I am constantly up and down, hot and cold, sitting or standing or stressed to the point of a exhaustion because the topstick won’t detach. Not to mention that I could start the day in a cold studio only to end it schlepping samples in the heat of Downtown LA. With that said, my uniform for my 9-5 typically consists of a pair of cut-offs or jeans and a ripped-to-shreds vintage band tee with Converse and a leather jacket.

Lately, I’ve been inspired to, not necessarily “step up my game,” but spend a little more time in the morning debating what skirts I can bend over in or other ways to be comfortable at work without wearing an outfit that doesn’t look like I’m conducting a “Who Wore it Better” with myself. In the midst of that spiritual journey, and on the streets of Londontown with a push from my travel partner, I ran across the Swedish brand Monki…which yes, like everything my little fingers touch, I am now obsessed with. I walked out with this printed sweatshirt (that I sadly can’t find anywhere online) and paired it with the shorts I recently snagged from Whitney Eve’s latest collection. The casual look has gotten me out of my ratty cut-offs rut and carried me through those long days that sometimes require looking presentable at evening events; living out of a car is a real issue when your apartment is across town and it’s rush hour. And because the shirt feels even more casual than it looks, I have stepped out of the all-black box and into a lighter look without feeling like I’ve had a lobotomy. Maybe I’m a print girl after all.

Images by Allen Zaki