That’s a Wrap


There’s a weird feeling you get as a stylist when you wake up the day after the Oscars and, aside from the diamonds hanging over your head with an insurance deadline, it’s all over…really all over if you don’t get those returned. For months you stress, you fight, are in 24/7 communication with your tailor (luckily mine is the shizzzznit), call in more favors than you will ever have time to repay in this lifetime and you do it because you have this sick obsession with the job; so when you wake up the morning after and it’s all over but the rest of the world is moving on as if Leo hadn’t just one his first Oscar…you feel a little lost.

OMG DRAMATIC! This was probably my busiest awards season yet but the clients I got to work with made it so much fun and worth those late night meltdowns. My guys were all great to work with per usual and Zuri Hall has been an absolute dream to dress. I know George Clinton was going to fire me if I asked him to “drop a lining” one more time but we all survived and it seems like we all still kind of like each other - but I’m sure I was only one more outburst away from getting voted off the island. That was  a sidebar. These are Zuri’s looks from the majors:



Dress: Portia & Scarlett Necklace: Maxior Ear Crawlers: Doves Rings: Doves, Casa Reale, Sethi Couture Hair: Julie Ferrante Makeup: Emily Hache



Dress: Stello Shoes: Stuart Weitzman Earrings: Bavna Rings: Azature, Sethi Couture Hair: Cole Herrera Makeup: Alicia Carbajal



Dress: Hayley Paige Shoes: Stuart Weitzman Earrings: Antonini Milano Bangles: Dena Kemp Rings: Neil Lane, Sethi Couture Hair: Ruth Muro Makeup: Nikki Metz



Dress: Catherine Deane Shoes: Prada Earrings and Ring: Jorge Adeler Hair: Traci Garrett Makeup: Eternity Franco