The Perfect Lashes

With New Years right around the corner (can you tell I’m a little excited?) I thought it was the perfect time to get out of my beauty comfort zone and try something new. I’ve always been into the way false eyelashes look but don’t have the time or patience to do them myself-can we say “Britney Spears circa 2007”? So, when I heard about this eyelash extension phenom I was completely into the idea of waking up, rolling out of bed bright-eyed and bushy tailed then practically rolling off to work, not only with fuller eyelashes but also without having to take the time to apply eyeliner and mascara that was sure to rub off by the end of a long day…that’s a glorious five minutes of sleep I've just gained.

Linda Luu of Luxe Flair Lashes has quite possibly changed my life. I visited her Brentwood studio for an original application that took about 90 minutes where she gave me the “strip lash” look with a personalized set of synthetic mink lashes. What’s so rad about Linda’s technique is that she applies each lash to one of your individual natural lashes and her attention to the detail ensures that the extension will grow out right along with your natural lash so you won’t end up bald in the wrong places. The photos below are with absolutely no eyeliner or mascara and were taken 5 days after Linda gave me what is sure to be a giant step in the most low-maintenance beauty routine on the planet. Fun fact: 90% of the people who have asked me if my eyelashes were different have been the men in my life…which proves, ladies, that most of them actually look into our eyes when they speak. Aww.

Being the beauty novice that I am, I asked Linda a few questions about her lashes before the application, where she also told me that each eyeliner has anywhere from 2-5 rows of lashes. Mind. Blown.

What’s the difference in appearance between falsies and extensions?

Lash extensions are lashes that are thicker, you can choose whatever style you want: thickness, size, length, curl, color. What’s great is that whatever you choose looks like it’s growing right out of your lids. So when someone is next to you and they’re looking at you, it’s believable. It’s like your eyelashes are on steroids!

How does the application process work?

You’ll lay down, I’ll prep your eyes and then I’ll take individual lashes and place them on each natural lash. If you want it more seamless, we’ll put it away from the root of your lashes but if you want an eyeliner look, we’ll put it right where your lashes grow out.

Is the upkeep brutal?

It’s really simple! You just need to be conscientious that they’re on so that you don’t rub your eyelashes. Use oil free makeup remover and cotton swabs with the remover to wipe off your eye makeup. If you use eye cream, put it at the top of your cheeks rather than just under your eyes because you don’t want that area to be so moist. Brush your lashes as needed and that’s basically it.

With your technique, how often are refills needed?

My clients come back anywhere from three to six weeks, I feel like because mine grow out so nicely they get extended wear.

And it doesn’t damage your natural eyelash?

Each natural lash grows at its own rate, so the extension needs to sit on a natural lash and just grow with it so that it can stay on the lashes for as long as the lash cycle is. We have a lash cycle that is 60-90 days. We want to extend your natural lashes so that they will grow and not inhibit the lash cycle.

PS. If you get the application, don’t be surprised if you shed some lashes in the first few days as that is totally, completely, 100% normal and not noticeable.

Linda’s photo courtesy of Vanie Poyey Photography