Dress by AQ/AQ // Belt by AQ/AQ // Shoes by Christian Louboutin // Bracelet by Tiffany Kunz // Earrings by Kris Nations

Sometimes you just want to wear a dress that requires a squeeze in, zip-up wiggle and when I was shopping in London over the summer I found the brick-n-mortar mecca of one of my favorite lines AQ/AQ. The brand as an overabundance of gowns, jumpsuits, and bodycon looks and, despite my laid-back lifestyle, I wasn’t about to walk away without spending at least enough money that would have me spending the next few hours questioning my life’s decisions. I kept it as casual as I could and grabbed this mini-dress that leaves your rump on squat patrol as well as a classic silver bar belt that does it’s job cinching in your waist (similar styles have made their way around our wardrobe closet). Yes there are fancy night’s out in Hollywood, but why wouldn’t you walk through the middle of a construction site suited up?

Images by Allen Zaki // instagram: @allenzaki // twitter: @allenzaki