Your Favorite Fitness Regime: Pop Physique


It’s the tuck, tuck, squeeeeeze that we can't get enough of...

Ok so maybe it's my favorite and maybe I'm addicted but ever since I was introduced to Pop Physique last fall (just in time for sweater weather) I have been literally obsessed. Pop is a barre class that is perfect for women who want to tone their muscles without getting any bigger. I don't care what people say, I'm not lifting weights-that's for boys. Pop hits every muscle group starting with planks and push-ups to warm you up and moving through arms (I use 1lb and 3lb weights) then thighs (owww), dunka and finally abs. On a perfect week I get to the Santa Monica location 4-5 times and can honestly tell a physical and mental difference if I miss a few weeks. I've tried every workout class from Zumba (which I do love) to spin and bootcamps but this is the first I've found that I don't look for excuses to skip. I actually like being there and the playlists are ridic...where else can you hear Flight Facilities and Rocko back-to-back?

I forced one of my favorite Santa Monica teachers and the ab-master herself, Philly Elisa, to answer a few questions about the workout. Say bye-bye to fast-food remorse and hello to tucks, relevés and first position. Seriously guys, you're welcome.

Ok so explain it, what IS Pop Physique?

Pop Physique is a Pilates based Ballet Barre isometric workout. So basically, it's small movements, 'down an inch and up,' where the main focus is squeezing and lengthening your muscles with stretches in between...set to badass music.

How long have you been teaching Pop?

I teach at the Santa Monica location and have been there since we opened in February 2012.

What is your favorite workout in the Pop routine?

As I'm sure you know, I love pretzel, all fours and abs the best. I actually look forward to the glutes and abs section-is that weird? Thigh is fun-I try to keep it high energy with loud, upbeat music so that you're not focused on the pain you're in while working the largest muscle in your body. I try to keep the focus on a really amazing song.

How is it different than other popular fitness classes?

I think the music really makes it, the clients are great. There's just a great overall vibe in the classes.

Where do you see results?

Booty for sure! Thighs, abs, arms and back-more toned and more definition. All of that work in relevé tones the calves and booty as well. I know how much you love second position relevé. Your butt loves it too.

You know me too well. How often should Poppers pop?

Three to four times per week, four times is really best if you want to see results a bit quicker.

What is your workout attire?

I really like the American Apparel high waisted dance pants, I never feel confident in Lululemon's for some reason. I like vintage tees on top, mainly because I can tuck the side up for the microphone (hahaha). I've always been one to work out in tees as opposed to classic workout tops, I think because I like to be able to wear a full sports bra as opposed to a built-in bra (this may be TMI now). I also absolutely love the Pop grippy socks. Love Love Love! They're so thick. I use them as pseudo-slippers at home. I own about 5 pairs. I'm obsessed.

Sign up now! If they don't offer classes in your area, sorry. But you can order the DVDs on Amazon. I should really have a Pop job, do you think they would hire me?