Hole in the Story

Tee by Daftbird // Jeans by Tiger of Sweden // Jacket by Capulet // Shoes by Schutz

Today, we are going to talk about distractions. Not like, “You get mom’s attention so she doesn’t notice what I’m doing” type of distractions but...actually it is like that.

Does anyone have a style staple that has morphed into a full-on closet takeover? I’m not talking about the all-black-everything wardrobe because if that’s what you’re dealing with, pat yourself on the back you’ve done well. The issue that often has me stressing out while the uber waits outside my apartment is the amount of fringe I’ve invited into my life. I have a few pieces that I wear on a regular basis that are doused in fringe, which is fine until you find yourself walking out the door wearing all of it. Fringe heels, fringe handbag, fringe jacket. Whoa, that is too much LA in one look.

Enter project distract from the fringe. Sometimes...there is just no letting go, such is the case with this outfit. These Schutz shoes have been worn into the ground because they are my favorite, go-to heels, so forgive me if I find a great jacket and I want them to experience life together. I went simple with all black but picked a pair of ripped denim hoping they might distract from all that’s happening on my ankles...and shoulders....and back. I am learning boundaries and decided that in this case, it would be better to check the fringe crossbody at the door. Because I like balance in a look, I understand that it is okay to have a little frosting on the shoe and jacket with a sprinkle of detail in between; it’s simple mathematics. And despite my love for a braidable trend, Dave Matthews said it best: Too much of a good thing baby...not so sweet.


#GTLCatCapulet, Schutz, Daftbird