How Sebastien Lagree is Changing the Way LA Works Out

Two years ago I took a class on an insane machine called a Megaformer where the trainers used verbiage like “Scrambled Eggs,” “Ice Breaker,” "Mega Catfish” and “Flying Donkey Kick” through what I heard was called The Lagree Method. I was terrified; but one class and I was hooked on a workout that would completely change my view on fitness and leave me feeling stronger every single time. Now, I’ve finally met Sebastien Lagree-the man responsible for many of those toned arms and perky rumps walking the LA streets-along with his newer, even more impressive machine: the Supra.

Sebastian Lagree’s latest and greatest machine is similar to the Megaformer but has the added elements of tilting and rising all at the press of a button controlled by the instructor, targeting every muscle nearly simultaneously. With it, comes a patent for Lagree’s HIIT excerise method of training now known officially as The Lagree Fitness MethodⓇ and a sweat sesh that is complete after only 25 minutes. “There is more science to support that after 20 or 30 minutes of resistance training, you start to metabolize your own muscles instead of fat,” Lagree explains of the shorter workout which has everyone in the LA fitness circle talking.

I was hyped to try the class that promises muscle fatigue and shaking now known as "The Lagree Shake" and what I envisioned the Supra workout to be was exactly what it was...the most challenging 25 minutes of my life that left me with sore muscles (especially my hamstrings and biceps-whoa!), the workout high we crave and a very healthy addiction. Lagree delivered once again.

After sweating through that session and over workout lingo and fist bumps, I got the download on the new workout that will fit your schedule and (quickly) transform those abs.

Image via Lagree Fitness

Image via Lagree Fitness

How does the Supra affect your muscles differently than the Megaformer?

Every time the Supra tilts, you engage your obliques and rectus abdominis automatically, so you don’t even need to work those muscles at the end of the workout. When the machine tilts, it’s like doing Kneeling Torso Twist and Mermaid. So now we can do all of these exercises and movements at once.

What do you tell someone who is reluctant to cut their workout time to 25 minutes?

People tend to think that if 25 minutes is really good then 40 minutes is better. Not always. It’s mental. There is a trend for a shorter workout but I think people are into it only if it feels effective. Here were are really trying to optimize the best of strength, cardio, endurance, flexibility and core. I would ask them to book two sessions and try the first 25 minutes and if that’s not enough, go for the second 25 minutes.

How often should people do the Lagree Fitness workout?

It depends. For someone who is active and doing other workouts, I’d say once or twice a week. If you are someone who never works out and is only doing this, then you should do it almost every day. The reason I say almost is because the first couple of days you do this, you get incredibly sore. I don’t recommend doing it when you are sore but eventually you build up a tolerance and can do it five days a week.

Image via Lagree Fitness

Image via Lagree Fitness

How many calories does one class burn?

You can burn anywhere from 300 to 425 calories in 25 minutes...and that is just during the workout. Afterwards there is a huge afterburn because your heart rate has to come down. After such an intense workout your heart rate will stay elevated for the rest of the day, maybe even through the next morning, and during that time you are burning extra calories. If you keep doing this workout, you can basically boost your metabolism and that’s how you burn calories later when you’re not doing anything.

What is your favorite exercise on the machine?

I love the Lat Pulldown on the back of the machine. Four years ago, I started to work on the device to lift the back of the Mega because I love getting lats but don’t think you work them enough in a lot of the exercises. The only way to get the lats is by pulling yourself up. On the Supra you can really get the lats, the shoulders, the whole upper body. Usually women don’t like the strengthen the upper body but it’s great for your spine and your posture; it’s a very sexy exercise that works your back. Another favorite is the Reverse Giant Wheelbarrow but there are tons more. Skating with the tilt will give you the peach ass.

What about those that want the Lagree bod but don’t have access to Lagree Fitness?

The best thing you can ever buy for your gym bag is an ab wheel and you can get one for like ten bucks.

What’s next for Lagree?

While I cannot share the details specifically, I can say that there will be a greater integration of technology to help both the student understand the movement and the method; and the teacher to explain the movements and the method. Of course, priding myself on authenticity and uniqueness, the next generation of exercise equipment will also offer very unique ways to exercise. I have no interest in offering a fitness regimen that is existing elsewhere.

Image via Lagree Fitness

Image via Lagree Fitness