Gravel Pit

Tee by Christian Benner // Jeans by Rag & Bone // Slip by Zara // Jacket by AllSaints // Shoes by Chinese Laundry // Sunnies by Quay Australia

So my obsession with sheer dresses has become a decent-sized problem. I love them. I love them so much. But I rarely, if ever, have the proper opportunity to wear a sheer dress out with a high-waist brief and bra...and I love that look. Let’s be real, it’s cute for the red carpet but I’m not walking red carpets and it’s a bit aggressive for a Wednesday evening dinner no matter how cute the underpinnings are, am i right? So where does that leave me and the rest of the female population who are missing life events that would increase our chances of a sheer dress sitch? Improvise.

I started with a pair of jeans in lieu of undies because a dress over jeans takes me back to my college days. Depending on where you are going and if you’re throwing on a jacket that and a lacy bra might be just enough. For a dinner out in Hollywood, I wore a similar look to what I’m wearing here but switched the tee out for a hot pink lip and I didn’t feel too overexposed (but this is LA after all). So if you want to go a little more conservative or even to work, I suggest throwing some sort of cropped top over the slip and really layer the look up. I like a looser look because if you wear something tight on top it could cause weird bunching on the dress which is one of the reason I opt for a crop...shows a little waist. Personally, I’ll almost always go for a ripped up Christian Benner tee but pick your poison and colors that blend with the dress will help pull the look feel me?