Pink Skies, Blue Tees

Tee by Madeworn from Kin LA // Skirt by RtA from Kin LA (similar almost sold out!) // Shoes by Jaggar from Inland Venice // Bag by Topshop // Watch by Movado

Never met a band tee I didn’t like; that’s really the only absolute when it comes to my closet but they earn extra points if they look like they’ve been lived and died in. Moving on, but still on the subject of distressed...I have a growing crush on your soon-to-be-fave brand, RtA. I first stumbled upon it when I was shopping for one of my clients in the men’s section of Barneys and then discovered that their women’s line is also insane. My favorite thing about the brand-other than the the obvious worn-in look of most of the line-is the clean, deconstruction, inside-out design of some of their pieces. I found this skirt and was automatically drawn to it how it elevates the otherwise staple denim skirt by practically flipping the design upside down; a zipper that only zips halfway up and belt loops on the hem? Yup. While many of their pieces are literally just rough around the edges, they also have some stand-out pieces that are perfect when paired with something a little less colorful. My plain, white Hanes v-neck would be great...but I never miss a chance for a band tee.