Jersey Chaser

Top by Adidas // Pants by Zanerobe // Shoes by Chinese Laundry // Cuff by Stella & Dot

The more I’ve found myself wearing workout clothes to do life, the more workout clothes I’ve found that work better for life than a workout. Are you following? Case and point, a cropped jersey. Now, I’m not sure this particular piece was designed for the gym but I do know it looks better with a pair of drop crotch pants than around my head while I’m in plank-to-pike. So many brands and designers have their own version of the old-school warm-up jersey and what I love most is when the branding is so massive it would be considered “too much” on any other article of clothing. Do I want “ADIDAS” plastered across my chest in a font my grandparents could read across the room? Actually, yes, I do. But for those a little more on the conservative side, brands like Koral and LNA have taken the mesh aspect that’s so rad in a traditional warm-up and made pieces that are more toned-down. While you usually need a sports bra under all of them, I’m a big fan of wearing something neon underneath a sold mesh top.

If you’re still not sold on adding a jersey to your everyday rotation, try incorporating it into a beach look or a boxing workout where you’re upright for most of the class. I can almost guarantee you’ll feel a little more badass when you do.


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