Blush Crush


Romper by Acler from Inland Venice // Opal Ring by Child of Wild // Shoes by Carmen Steffens

I’m realizing that, for the first time, I’ve set my all-black ensembles on the bench and have been starting whites, pinks and light greys instead. I’m sure it’s a seasonal thing but I’ve actually been drawn to the hues that cost me loads more a month on dry-cleaning. I found this silk Acler romper at my home away from home (Inland) and was surprised when it actually covered my dunka. I have a hard time with rompers, jumpsuits and bodysuits (forget about a one-piece swimsuit) because my torso is really long-so if I find one that fits comfortably, it's like the stars are aligning in my favor. I am dying over the ruffles on these sleeves (actually shocking) and because there is so much going on with that, I kept the accessories to just a few small rings - including the new opal ring I bought from Child of Wild. If you’re into more cultural pieces like I am and you haven’t checked their online store yet have to; it’s where I get a lot of inspo and they have the most incredible turquoise and sterling silver jewelry; plus their home decor section is on another level; I also just got an energy cleansing kit from them which I plan on using stat. Typically, I would wear a nude shoe with this look but because my favorite heels just happen to be in the same color family, I went rogue... which just happens to be one my favorite things to do.


images by Allen Zaki //