Patched Up

Top by SIR from Inland Venice // Jeans by Asos // Shoes by Marc by Marc Jacobs

I honestly cannot believe I am writing this post right now. I refused to let go of my hip-hugger denim like I refused to give up on my Blackberry, so to sit here writing about MOM JEANS is sure proof that post-apocalyptic life without BBM isn’t so traumatic. In fact, I am close to admitting that I actually favor a higher waistline (and the iPhone).

By now we know that I am on board with the crop top revolution (because... here, here and here) and while a belly-button grazing denim is the best accessory to that look, I am especially drawn to the relaxed vibe of mom jeans as opposed to something super tight; I also love how they accentuate a woman’s curves without that trying-too-hard look. (Or do I look like I’m trying to hard? You can tell me, this is a safe space.) I bought my first ever pair of these babes from Asos and was surprised at how I latched onto the style. I ordered this pair covered in patches and also a dark denim with a simpler look and have rotated between the two all summer. *BTW - if you’re shopping online, both pairs I bought were ASOS brand and true to size.

While I will wear these during the day with a faux Birkenstock (I got mine at Steve Madden and I’d pick them over the real thing every time) this style of denim really looks its best with a pair of heels. If a crop top isn’t your thing, switch it out for a bodysuit or another fitted top to play off your waist a bit. If an itty bitty crop leaves me feeling too exposed I always like to throw on an oversized flannel for that 90’s grunge look...but never on a first date ;)

Shop my fave patched denim styles at the bottom of the post. xx

images by Allen Zaki //