Auld Lang Syne


Now that your Christmas shopping is done (It’s done right?) it’s time to focus on you and what is my favorite shopping extravaganza of the year: New Years Eve attire. If you are such the procrastinator that you are just now shopping for your dress then there is probably a good chance you also have no idea where you are going to be when you ring in 2014, for you silly rabbits I suggest the tried-and-true: the short, embellished, statement dress. This is the one day of the year when no sequin, cut-out or color-combo is over-stated. Unless you plan on sitting at home and playing board games with fake money, you should let every boutique and department store in nearby cities be your playground. Go all out. And for those of you that actually have solid plans, here is a little shove in the right direction.

Dinner: Naven Glam Bardot Dress For a fancy meal at a nice establishment don’t choose a dress with a skin overdose. I love this peplum dress with a small cut-out because it says “I’m classy enough to be at Mastro’s, but the night won't end here, sir.” Although the pop of color is nice, you can also never go wrong with black and extra frost in the accessory department.

Party with His Parents: Keepsake Another World Dress I’m not sure how I rank as far as parental company is concerned but I can tell you that I know how to dress for the unit. This silhouette is all you can ask for while hanging with your man and his family because the skirt belongs to the girl-next-door that they always hoped their son would end up with while the fitted bodice shows off your curves, keeping his attention. #DoubleWhammy

In the Club: Parker Mariah Dress This dress has all of the elements worthy of a night spent poppin’ champs and dancing on tables; it is short, tight, sparkly and the color is a change from all the silver, gold and black we typically gravitate towards in the winter.

Bar Hop: Renzo + Kai Long Sleeve Embellished Dress For a chilly night spent getting around from one place to the next, opt for an embellished mini with sleeves. This look will fit right in but still stand out, no matter where you wind up at the end of the night.

Black Tie: Nightcap Florence Lace Gown (rent it here from The Stylist LA) I am kind of obsessed with this gown, in fact, I bought it with nowhere to go because it is just that good. For a black tie event on NYE you should go big with a floor length gown that makes a statement and isn’t boring (ie. steer clear of the Special Occasions section at Macy’s). This lace gown has cut-outs, stretch and a neckline that is totally unexpected, and even better? You can rent it for a fraction of the price.

House Party: Topshop Fringe Bodycon Dress When crashing a house party, let your inner-weirdo out and embrace an element that you love but wouldn’t normally wear out. For you it might be crushed velvet or taffeta, for me it is fringe, but tonight you will be around only your closes friends (or friends-of-friends that you’re sure to be toasting by night’s end), so get Instagram-ready and step out of your comfort zone. Put your freakum dress on.