Paper Ships


Dress: Finders Keepers // Necklace: Tiffany Kunz //Earrings: Tiffany Kunz // Stacking Rings: Tiffany Kunz // Bracelets: Tiffany Kunz

Oh how I love a look that requires topstick to avoid offending passersby…in theory. There have been multiple occasions where I’ve been fully prepared to wear a plunging neckline and super comfortable with the idea until I’m dressed and ready to walk out the door and the nerves set in; at which point I dream up an outrageous wardrobe malfunction that I’m positive I have now manifested into existence and I am forced to change into my go-to sweatshirt and leather jacket, completely ruining not only the evening’s wardrobe but also venue, drink of choice and overall mood. The key to pulling off the JLo neckline, aside from the perfect amount of double-sided tape and confidence, is curve to skin proportion: i.e., they don’t need to see everything.

So many times a cleavage-baring frock comes super tight and even shorter than it is deep, lowering the fashion bar and raising the hussy status. Abort Mission. This is another dress by Finders Keepers that I love for its origami silhouette and ability to blur so many fashion lines. The thick fabric hugs in the right places, not all places, making it an acceptable look to wear out at night. If, however, you do love the dress but can’t get past that light breeze, add a delicate, lace bra underneath for a little more coverage and less risk.

With a look like this, if you’re going out for drinks and not the Grammys red carpet, you might opt to keep the hair and make up minimal, nobody wants to look overdone (that’s not accurate, some people live for that). I decided to go with bronze accessories that are noticeable without being distracting. Sidenote: I have a mild obsession with this chain necklace in particular, while all of these pieces work with a fancy dress or Hanes tee, the necklace can carry the look. So should you decide that an ab-revealing neckline isn’t possible without a shot of tequila but you’ve got the right accessory, all you need to do is switch into your favorite knit, no change of plans required.

images by Allen Zaki