Aviators and Top-Knots


Dress: Boulee from The Stylist LA // Jacket: Stella & Jamie // Shoes: Schutz // Sunnies: Ray-Ban // Watch: Diesel // Rings: YSL (art deco), Tiffany Kunz (stacked), Ariel Gordon (love knot)

Lately, my work schedule has me like “Whoa” and my late night, dress-up rendezvous have taken a backseat (and I mean in a locked up, carseat, cute that you think you’re getting out anytime soon type of way). So, when it comes to daytime attire, I’ve traded in my full-time cutoffs for some pieces I’ve been missing as of late, for example…this fitted Boulee babe that I found at The Stylist LA.

For a night out, I would typically wear this dress with a higher heel, leather jacket and clutch but for daylight hours: brunch, lunch and office, I go for a more casual, laid-back vibe. I am obsessed with this jacket from Stella & Jamie;because of its drapey, loose fit it is the perfect accent to a tighter dress or skinny jean look. I also skipped my usual night-out curls and opted for the top-knot that I usually carry on my head those days I don’t want to miss that extra 20 minutes of sleep to wash, dry and style the mane. To accessorize, I loaded up with the usual suspects but threw in my massive YSL orange ring because sometimes, going a smidge over-the-top is just what the doctor ordered.

Sidenote: Does this change in weather have anyone else feeling like they need to visit the good ‘ole MD?

images by Allen Zaki