Cozy Hour

Sweater: Shakuhachi from Aust // SkirtShakuhachi from Aust // Shoes: Christian Louboutin

There isn’t much I like about winter in LA other than space heaters and being able to cozy up in a warm sweater while still baring leg and an open toe. I am usually all about mixing and matching when it comes to my look but when I saw this Shakuhachi body hugging skirt at Aust with and oversized sweater to match, I decided that 2015 would be the year of change. Gray tends to be a rough color on blondes so I like that the sweater has more black at the top to keep me from being washed out (#thestruggleisreal) and chose all black everything for shoes and accessories because…Black. I do also like the idea of playing with color in a neon shoe sans the headwear but today I’m keeping things monochromatic. Oh, also, did I mention how comfy a completely knit outfit is? Comfort Level = sweatpants and Ben & Jerry’s on a rainy Saturday night. And as far as owning a matching skirt and top combo...hello, you just introduced three new outfits to your closet; that’s smart shopping friends…you should really buy a new handbag to celebrate.

Images by Jordan Voth // instagram: @jordanvoth

Hair & Make-up by Emily Hache