ModelFIT: Get In On Candice Swanepoel’s Workout

Attention all Angelenos! New York’s hottest workout has hit LA for Grammy’s week and being on my try-anything-once fitness kick, I drove into Hollywood early yesterday morning to get it on. ModelFIT calls Karli Kloss, Miranda Kerr and Candice Swanepoel clients and combines pilates (my favorite), yoga, stability and functional training for the get it right, get it tight body we all want. While each of the classes are different (boxing and dance cardio, did I just die and go to some sort of sweat heaven?) the class I took targeted muscles I wasn’t even aware I had with small movement twists, leg raises and cardio using ankle weights and 2 pound hand-weights while Miley played in the background. We finished the class led by creator Justin Gelband with some legwork on the yoga mat and an intense stretch sesh. And though I was sure it couldn’t happen with the squats and lunges I do on the daily, my dunka is sore in all the right places this morning. Mission Accomplished.

Los Angeles, you can sign up for classes here and get your model-like sweat on at Catchlight Studios from now until Sunday.

image via ModelFIT/Tumblr