Because Kate Hudson Said So


Top, Bra and Pants by Fabletics // Sneakers by Nike

It’s a little hard to believe that there was once a day when my fitness-wear consisted of a pair of fraternity shorts, a tee that I cut into a tank the night before and any clean sports bra I could find. I mean, who doesn’t want “Sigma Alpha Epsilon” written across their rump? But I have since upgraded from the 45 minute elliptical only work-out and stepped into a few classes that not only have me sore for days (it actually hurts to laugh right now) but have inspired me to kick up the color and style along the way. I’m not kidding, when you have to look at yourself for an hour in the mirror while you’re taking a barre class, you realize how unattractive your ratty college leftovers are.

Welcome to my closet Fabletics, a fitness junkie’s best friend and a sportswear line who’s co-founder I have a major girl crush on and taught me How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days back in high school…thank you Kate Hudson, I’ve gotten really good at that #stillsingle. Remember the jewelry line, Jewelmint? Well, Fabletics works the same way. You sign up for a membership and each month your card is charged $49.95 and you get an outfit of your choice. The selection is better than anything you’ll find in those frequented and overpriced brick-n-mortar stores and the best part is that each month there are new styles and colors to choose from. I can’t get enough of the sports bras with the crazy back details and the tops that show it off. I’ve found options on the site perfect for anything from running on the boardwalk to pilates to lounging around the house; and if you’re feeling a little low on rent money one month you can “pass” and not get charged, so that's a win-win.

If anyone feels like their sweating threads are a little dull this is the place to start. I don’t even work for the brand and I can (and think I just have) ramble on for days. So…with that said, I’m Cat Wright and I approve this message.

Images by Allen Zaki