Top by EACH X OTHER // Jeans by Siwy // Heels by Zara (similar here) // Bolo Tie by The 2 Bandits

Everyone knows I love a good fringe moment, so when I ran across this crop top insanity I kind of lost my mind. What. Is. It? It is heaven that’s what it is. A classy white button-up on top and a festival girl’s dream on bottom that could fit in any scenario as long as you watch your heels (getting up and down leads to stepping on fringe #firstworldproblems). Typically, I would wear this top with a clean pair of cut-offs-and when I say “clean" I mean the silhouette… but because it is a crop and there is no need for any sort of layering with a jacket, a nixed the idea of showing so much skin and went with these jeans(ish) by Siwy instead.

When I wear fringe, which is basically everyday, I love to accessorize it with southwestern jewelry (hence my obsession with flea markets) so anything with turquoise, coral or sterling silver is right up my alley. I found this bolo necklace and couldn’t help but tie it up tight to give the simple neckline some flare and really complete the look. *Sidenote - I’ve done my share of dressing men these past couple of years and I’ve taken notes…I love a good collar accessory. Anytime there is so much going on with a look and the color palette is so precise, it is best to keep a simple shoe that goes along with it. The one time I will ever say, “keep it simple” and I’m wearing nearly head-to-toe fringe. Typical.


Images by Allen Zaki