Sunny Side Up

I am an excess spender by nature. Growing up, and especially in college, I threw all of my money at any store that would take it (and that went from cute to a problem when I moved from a small town in Kentucky to LA). This summer, in true SoCal fashion, the bulk of my purchases have been bikinis and sunglasses and lucky for me and the rest of the world, there is a little brand by the name of Quay Australia-where I admit to have buying 9 pairs of sunglasses since April. Not to worry mom, aside from being so hot right now, they are the most affordable brand to hit fashion since, I don’t know… H&M? But because I am sunny-obsessed by nature, I refuse to discontinue wear of my favorite Ray-bans, Stella McCartneys and Diors. I can’t stop obsessing over what’s out there so I have rounded up my favorites for the season, ranging from $40-$300…these are my gotta-haves.

1. CRAP Eyewear $58 2. Quay Australia ‘My Girl’ $40 3. Gentle Monster $308 4. Wildfox $181 5. Quay Australia ‘Kitti’ $45 6. Karen Walker $250 7. Quay AustraliaChelsea Girl’ $50 8. VALLEY Eyewear $180