Blurred Lines


Jacket: Fabletics // Sports Bra: Fabletics // Pants: Fabletics // Lipgloss: Sara Happ "The Nude Slip”

It’s true that in life, sometimes we just want to be comfortable without looking like a slob. With my growing Classpass addiction I’ve been paying more and more attention to the fitness section and following stores like Bandier and Carbon38 on Instagram for a little inspo, thinking of ways to incorporate those strappy sports bras and sweats into my everyday wardrobe. There’s also that daily walk from workout class to the car when you’re sweaty and rejuvenated but don’t know who you might run into on busy Melrose or Abbot Kinney Blvd where the class is. Before, I was never the girl who would go to a gym excited to chat it up with the guy lifting much heavier weights next to me, but that’s because I hadn’t met brands like Fabletics yet and didn’t feel on my A Game with my Delta Zeta t-shirt and 5 lb dumbbells.

Fast forward to now and I am running out of space in my fitness drawers because I cannot stop buying sports bras and Pilates pants but I tell myself “It’s OKAY. Buy what you want, run out of space, sleep in that shit.” Why? Because workout wear is getting so cute that I am not afraid to bust it out for a busy day on set or throw on a pair of heels with sweats for a casual dinner at a trendy restaurant. I love this white and black look from Fabletics and though I wouldn’t wear heels with only a sports bra out at night, it’s a fun look for the workout exit and I would, however, rock it with a crop top layered in. These pieces are great because you can also incorporate them into your everyday outfits - love these sweats with a denim jacket or this jacket over a fitted dress and a pair of Adidas Gazelles. It’s all about mixing things you wouldn’t normally wear together to get a look everyone on the street (or it your workout class) hasn’t thought of yet.

Images by Allen Zaki // instagram: @allenzaki // twitter: @allenzaki