Holes in Your Story

Shirt: The Kooples // Jeans: AllSaints // Shoes: Givenchy // Bar Earrings: Kris Nations // Ear Cuff: Ariel Gordon

I spend a lot of time in the men’s department for my job so it only makes sense that I occasionally shop for myself while I’m there. Did you know by looking at this shirt that it was a miniature size top by The Kooples and actually made for your boyfriend? It did look a little too made-for-him off the rack so I took my heavy duty sheers to it and made the denim top I’ve always wanted and my first that is midriff baring.

*Sidenote. It’s a fact that even in LA some people are not accustomed to crop tops. Undersized bandage dresses that expose your chonies? Perfectly normal. I guess I spend too much time on the westside where people go out to bars in bikini tops because last weekend when I wore a new crop top and shorts to West Hollywood (which was an overload of clothes considering this heat has me like whoa), I was surprised when the uber driver asked me if I was heading to work. I mean…”Yes ma’am I am, what corner do you think will be most active tonight?” Rude.

I kept it simple here and with my fave motorcycle-style jeans from AllSaints but for a little extra flare, I love this top paired with a massive amount of neck bling; I just didn’t want to take it too far because I was wearing red lipstick - #comfortzone overload. Instead I went with the earring combo that I rarely take off. Lately I’ve been really into mix-and-matching earrings, wearing the same pair of studs in the same ear and ear crawlers or cuffs on the other. It’s probably the only thing consistent in my life aside from my constant complaints about the temperature in my apartment. Anyone want to hit me with a Westside Rentals account?

Images by Allen Zaki // instagram: @allenzaki // twitter: @allenzaki