Casual Kitty


Tank: American Eagle // Sweats: Nike (similar) // Sneakers: Nike Jordans // Hat: Stampd // Racket: Prince (similar) // Beats by Dre Pill

In theory, as a wardrobe stylist, I would be consistently prancing around LA and the studio in my favorite Louboutin, skirt and overpriced top combo only to leave the office to head to a fancy Hollywood dinner or event and retire for the evening early enough so that I can wake up, drink a cup of coffee over the morning news, put on another fabulous pair of heels and do it all again. Doesn’t that sound glamorous? In theory. The reality looks more like this: Stumble out of bed after hitting “snooze” on the alarm clock at least 7 times, coffee, clothes, jam through the 3 useful flights at Barneys NY and pull clothes (actually sprint because I’m running late), get behind the cameras, sit down and run on set, repeat approximately 14 times throughout the course of the taping, fly to the westside during rush hour traffic to make the Pop Physique class that I slept through earlier that morning, go home, shower and attempt to make it back to Hollywood for the evening’s events. It is a struggle to do that in heels and a fitted skirt everyday…yes, Karl Lagerfeld, sometimes I wear sneakers and sweatpants.

To work, to workout or on my morning walk to the local co-op, I will always be a Nike girl at heart. Forgive me fashion gods…I’m not even sorry about it.

images by Allen Zaki