Cozy Losers


Sweater: UNIF // Cut-Offs: Siwy Denim // Shoes: Topshop

What’s that saying? Something like: Style is a way to say what you think without having to speak? I know I’m a little off there but you get the point. I’ve been on one big UNIF shopping spree over the past couple of months and though the rising temps outside have made this sweater obsolete in daylight hours for the moment, it is the perfect piece for cozying up at night and great layering for our Frozen-status studio. I love a good oversized knit and can’t help it if I was drawn to the one with my favorite 7th grade word sewn in (my other option in this colorway was “DIE” and that’s just not nice.) When something is so big on me that it’s actually longer than some of my dresses, I am typically tempted to forgo pants, but in an effort to avoid an unpleasant wardrobe malfunction, I opted for my Siwy cutoffs that give the bottomless illusion. **Note: These were the first pair of cutoffs I bought out of college several years ago--I would call them a gateway drug. The best part of this outfit? Everyone thinks you’re sending them subliminal messages. Hey, if the shoe fits.

images by Allen Zaki