It has been three days of emotional recovering from my favorite awards show of the year. Due to the shortage of A-Team attendees (Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Timberlake...were we stood up?) and the Beyoncé x Jay Z show that completely trumped anything scandalous that might have happened Grammys weekend, the red carpet memories are nothing short of a big snoozefest. Sure, there were some pretty dresses, there were some ugly dresses and there was one accessory that got its own twitter page, but missing was the magic and shock we usually see from these arrivals. Despite some fancy skirts and a lot of shine, when I look back on Sunday all I see is Kendrick Lamar beating Imagine Dragons' drum, Pink flying across the arena as The Staples Center legal team prays in their corner and these few stand-out looks from the red carpet. Taylor Swift in Gucci. My favorite look of the night, partially because I love how the perfect shimmer reflects in the light but also because T.Swizzle and her nine foot tall frame look flawless in the gown that is fitted to perfection. While I’m not sure exactly how I feel about the cap-sleeve, I appreciate the uniqueness of that silhouette in a gown. Though I could have done without all that head-banging, she killed it on the carpet.

Chrissy Teigen in Johanna Johnson. I was way excited to see her looking so hot on the carpet next to her hubs John Legend, mainly because I think she is hilarious (follow her on twitter for a day) but also because I don’t think we see enough of her on WireImage. She is itty bitty with the perfect body so it is not surprising that the dress looks amazing on her…but still, stunning.

Beyoncé in Michael Costello.Oh B, doing the Project Runway designer proud. Michael said he didn’t have Yoncé’s measurements for this gown so it was designed on a fit model and not quite finished, but the way she owns it, nobody would have ever known. Love this look. Love her.

Katy Perry in Valentino. I don’t know what she was thinking if she thinks this is pretty or if Katy is just being quirky per usual but, although it made a Grammys red carpet statement, this is not a pretty dress. It’s not even a risky dress. With risk there is always the possibility of reward and I’m not sure what prize she thought was going to be waiting at the end of the tent for her and a skirt full of music notes.

Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose (Naeem Khan). I just love this couple. They are the cutest on the red carpet and that’s really all there is to it. He is a highlight of any night and she is simply gorgeous.

And in other Grammys news: I was around E!’s Grammys action all day long with the rest of Team Terrence Jenkins and Team Jesse Giddings. From the countdown show to the surprise suite at The Staples Center with Terrence J where I drank the Beyoncé kool-aid to the after party, I was there ready for any wardrobe malfunction that came my way. Check out pics from a 12 hour work day in the gallery below.

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