Wish I Was a Baller

Shirt: StyleStalker // Pants: Zanerobe // Beanie: Urban Peach Boutique // Shoes: Prabal Gurung x Target // Bra: Cosabella // Necklace: Made by my Dad

Last month I interviewed one of the StyleStalker designers and that’s when I fell into an obsession with the brand’s “Rap Music Made Me Do It” collection, in fact, I sort of feel like that might subconsciously be my life’s theme (at least it seems that way when I’m on the 10 freeway after work and Wiz Khalifa is speaking to me). So when I was scrolling through their site and found my favorite, bra-exposing tank top style with Skee-Lo’s infamous lyrics, I added that to my “wish list” and now it’s sittin’ pretty in my closet…I manifested that ish.

And I don’t just do my shopping online, I have a tendency to wonder over into the men’s department and that’s exactly where I found these drop crotch Zanerobe pants. After my client rolled into work wearing them, I marched my butt and battle-wound ridden credit card to my favorite Venice Beach store and asked for the smallest men’s size they had. Verdict was in: as expected, I would not make it through life without them. I would have a “Who Wore It Better” war with Jesse -my pants against his- but he has way too many passionate Instagram followers...and he’s really tall.

Because my baller tank/drop crotch combo is a walk on the baggy side, I made sure my Cosabella dreamer was having its moment and heels were a must-I don’t want to get too androgynous. Style note: I also really love these pants with a tight, crop top for a little ab exposure. Throw a fitted blazer over that for a little warmth on a night out. I will wear heels with a look like this on the reg because it can get butch if you’re not careful and we’re all ladies here...except for you guys reading this, and for you I would like a vote: Yay or Nay to women stepping into your territory?

Hey, I wish I had my way/‘Cause everyday would be a Friday/You could even speed on the highway” I don’t know about all that but it is almost the weekend...dream on little lions, sometimes wishes come true.

images by Allen Zaki