Like a Boss: Amy Jordan of WundaBar Breaks Down the Workout


I can’t speak for everyone but since I’ve begun working out on a regular basis, I’ve found that success only comes when I am enjoying the sweat. That’s why jogs before work, gym memberships and at-home workouts have never and will never keep me in shape. I get bored, I fiddle with Spotify, I quit before I’ve even heated up. So when I find a new way to stay skinny that I actually find fun…I feel like I have to talk about it a lot. Welcome to my new obsession: WundaBar Pilates.

Amy Jordan, WundaBar founder and WundaFormer mastermind, was an entertainment executive at Marvel in 2006 when she got bitten by the Pilates bug and eventually opened a studio in Montrose, CA. Not quite fulfilled with the Reformer, Amy sketched a machine that would combine that with a Jump Board, Wunda Chair and Ballet Bar and thus, the Swiss Army Knife of Pilates-also known as the WundaFormer-was born. Not one to mess around, only a year after designing the apparatus, Amy had her first functioning WundaBar Pilates studio, featuring her patented machine, open for business. That my friends is when the shredding began.

I’ve visited the WundaBar studio in Los Feliz (soooo cute) and taken classes from Amy herself and not only felt the burn but actually had fun during the workout. Because there are so many different elements to the WundaFormer, no two classes are the same. Also, I can tell you that it is a FACT that I was not the only one in class feeling the burn so good, I heard a couple of guys whimpering too. Here’s a little 411 (do the kids still say that?) straight from the WP Boss Lady herself.

What is the WundaBar workout comprised of?

WundaBar is Pilates, reinvented. We initiate all movements from the inside out - literally starting with our bone rhythms and rotations to deliver results and target muscles you didn't even know you have! WundaBar takes core power, body sculpting cardio and true strength to unparalleled levels to thousands of WundaBar devotees every day.

What is your favorite part of the WundaBar workout?

Impossible question! I am a very big fan of the jump board for core shredding, booty lifting work. Same goes for the Wunda Chair. Nothing else like it!

Where can clients expect to see the most results?

Literally everywhere! Our clients feel better in their own skin as they improve functionality and strength - the lean and toned results we see on the outside are the cherry on top for how we feel on the inside.

What advise would you give to someone who is new(er) to working out?

Be kind to yourself! Rather than focusing on a goal that is months away, find incremental successes to challenge yourself with and feel good about! Did you hold your plank five seconds longer than yesterday? Amazing! In no time you'll be at the minute mark and beyond like a boss.

What workouts do you suggest to supplement the WundaBar class?

Ummmm...nothing beats WundaBar. But as Angelenos, we must hike!!

Any beauty or healthy secrets you swear by?

Here's a silly one. For a quick face brightening mask with ingredients you already have: crush 5-6 chewable aspirin with a few drops of hydrogen peroxide to make a paste. Smooth it over your face and take off after FIVE minutes. Any longer and it may burn so set a timer! It brightens skin and is my go-to if I can't get in for a facial as often as I wish.

Top 3 tracks on your workout playlist.

Right now Rivers by Thomas Jack, Catch & Release (Deepend Remix), and my throwback fave Starry Eyed Surprise by Paul Oakenfold.

Describe your typical workout look.

My new obsession is Koral Activewear. Their mesh panels and shimmer fabrics are drool-worthy. Bra straps like no other and beautiful fit. And....always booty shorts. :)