No Flex Zone

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Nike tank // Nike pants // Nike Shoes // Onzie Sports Bra

There was a long period of time - approximately 25 years - when working out was a chore for me, so I chose not to do it unless I was forced to (my high school tennis coach had this thing about making us practice). During the struggle, I would typically wear a cut-up tee shirt and whatever workout shorts I could find on the floor but in the last few years I’ve found workouts (Pop Physique, Pilates, Boxing) that I can not only tolerate but actually look forward to at the end of a long day. With that anticipation comes the desire to actually get it together for class.

It’s true what they say: women dress for women not for men. Ladies caring what we wear to a bar or pilates class, where an occasional male participant is as rare as a Kentucky basketball loss, proves that. I am completely obsessed with bras and now that sports bras are starting to look more like bikini tops, my tanks are becoming less and less…just less and less. My new favorite brand for the in shape tatas is Onezie and I recently scored a bunch of theirs on sale at Urban Outfitters. Despite all of the trendy fitness stores, my go-to for bottoms, tanks and sneakers has always been Nike. I probably have as much fun shopping in their Santa Monica Place location as I would spending a day at Barneys. I usually go for the more slimming black bottom when I’m out and about working out (I’ll do a longer, printed style for my megaformer classes) and always a top with breezy armholes…yes, fitness too, is about layering. If I’m not in toe socks, I like to complete my sweat sesh attire with a fun sneaker, either a bright color or cool print because I crave attention and like the compliments ;). Now excuse me while I put Rae Sremmurd on repeat.

Images by Allen Zaki

Hair & Make-up by Emily Hache