Punch. (Try to) Breathe. Repeat.


Top: Cozy Orange // Bra: Calvin Klein // Pants: Cozy Orange // Sneakers: Nike // Gloves: Everlast

Okay, so unless you’ve been hibernating on your couch watching Catfish on repeat and avoiding sweat like it’s a Coach bag, you know that boxing is all the rage right now. The stereotypes of bulking up and gaining mass disappear when a Victoria’s Secret Angel becomes the face of your sport. I met boxing trainer extraordinaire Leyon Azubuike (who has actually worked with said VS model) several years ago when he was training clients at another gym and I am so excited to see that, not only has he opened his own insane boxing studio in Santa Monica, but that after only being open a few weeks, Gloveworx is kicking serious ass in more ways than one.

Leyon’s boxing sessions are my favorite way to get the cardio burst I need throughout the week because you are on your toes the entire hour (there is no downtime to stop and whine, trust me I’ve tried). You also get to release all of the day’s anxiety and stress each time one of the trainers yells “1, 2, 1, 2, 3, 1.” I have walked in with a raging headache that disappeared forever the second I hit the bag for the first time-that is the honest truth and has happened more than once. Right when you’re ready to give up or take a break, someone is there to yell at you to keep fighting. There is definitely no crying in baseball.

The typical session includes personal training in the ring, bag work, turf work (think short drills, lunges, lightweight lifting, etc) and cardio (this is when you really want to cry, those rowing machines and VersaClimbers are no joke) plus a warm-up and ab cool-down. You will leave having sweated out your day’s recommended water intake and you will leave feeling physically and emotionally stronger than you were when you came in.

The facilities and trainers are all out-of-control (in the best possible way) offering private sessions, small group sessions and the large group session that has me wishing I had time for a massage today. I could not be more excited about a workout and the fact that the mastermind behind it is one of the coolest dudes in the biz doesn’t hurt. Leyon, you are one-of-a-kind my friend.

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Images by Allen Zaki